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Album Photoshoots Through the Years : Tim McGraw (2006), Fearless (2008), Speak Now (2010), Red (2012), 1989 (2014)

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A lot of people who I think will relate to this song are…

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As a teenager, I didn’t understand that saying you’re a feminist is just saying that you hope women and men will have equal rights and equal opportunities. What it seemed to me, the way it was phrased in culture, society, was that you hate men. And now, I think a lot of girls have had a feminist awakening because they understand what the word means. For so long it’s been made to seem like something where you’d picket against the opposite sex, whereas it’s not about that at all. Becoming friends with Lena – without her preaching to me, but just seeing why she believes what she believes, why she says what she says, why she stands for what she stands for – has made me realize that I’ve been taking a feminist stance without actually saying so.

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"I don’t think it’s the most important thing in life to fit in. The most important thing in life is to dance to the beat of your own drum and to look like you’re having more fun than the people who look cool that fit in.”

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8/19/14 (x)

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wait no what wait why do we need itunes pre-ordering whatever taylor wait guys WHAT IS SHE GOING TO DO or am i overthinking this

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